When? On time!

How? In an optimum manner!

How? According to customer’s request!

The main purpose of our supply chain is to meet customer expectations, at optimum cost conditions.

We deliver the goods in the ordered quantity, we meet the required delivery conditions, at the agreed time and time and in excellent conditions.

Supply of raw materials is done on time and only after rigorous qualitative verification.

We have the advantage of having our own paper mill, which gives us flexibility, controlled quality and continuity in supply.

Thus, the discontinuity of packaging production due to the lack of raw materials is virtually zero.

The attitude and competence of our colleagues involved in the supply chain are directed towards fulfilling our customers’ requirements.

The process of delivering finished products is characterized by flexibility, fairness and seriousness. We offer each client several solutions:

  • Customized palletizing according to the requirements and adaptability based on the changes required by customers to fit with their own manufacturing flow.
  • Just-in-time delivery through warehouses located near customers’ production locations
  • Vendor managed inventory – ensuring constantly balanced stocks with customer requirements and planning.
  • Managing central or local warehouses for large customers for flexible delivery times and supply volumes.
  • Outsourced transportation, assured with reliable partners and machines tailored to the specifics of our activity, approx. 75% of the shipments take place with a dedicated fleet.
  • For a rigorous control of distribution costs, we provide both complete trucks at delivery and the use in parallel of grouping solutions in order to be able to deliver smaller quantities of goods, depending on the needs of our customers or our customers’ emergencies.
  • Deliveries are made with trucks of different tonnages in order to fit within the limits imposed by local traffic restrictions.

We are always oriented towards evolution, so we work without getting tired to improving our services. Why? The needs of our customers matter and we want to offer satisfactory quality services.


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