Research and Development

We are constantly in search of new ways of self-improvement. That’s why we’ve developed a whole department where we test solutions, share ideas and put our creativity to work at full capacity.

Rossmann Romania, one of the big players on the corrugated cardboard market in Romania, has a research and development department consisting of passionate and experienced people who meet customers with optimal solutions tailored to the needs and market trends.

The fact that our company is part of the French group Rossmann brings added value both through the database developed at the level of the group and through the systematic meetings in which ideas and solutions are shared, all of which are aimed at the satisfaction of our clients.

The state-of-the-art technical equipment dedicated to the Corrugated Cardboard Packaging Industry provides a viewing and logistic testing capability by the customer from the prototype stage, thus minimizing approval costs. Developed creative solutions are tested both in the company’s laboratories and practically by our partners.

The specialized programs we use are used by professionals in the packaging industry all over the world. One of the programs is the world leader in structural design solutions for packaging and displays. The over 15 years of experience have led to the development of the strongest collection of structural design tools, product development and virtual prototypes that enable the increase of company productivity and the fluidity of the supply chain.

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