History of Paper

From papyrus and parchment to writing texts on real paper in developed and modern societies, mankind had to go through many stages. You can find here some of the ones worth being mentioned:

  • 3000 BC

    Along with the Egyptians, the papyrus extracted from the reed on the Nile appears. The papyrus was competed by parchment, created in the city of Pergamos in Asia Minor, starting from calf skins and goat skins, washed and polished.

  • 105

    In 105 AD, the paper was discovered in China during the reign of Emperor Hoti. The Minister of Agriculture, Tsaï-Lun, produces a paste using old cloths, shell and wood chips, thermally treated.

  • C. VII

    Paper arrives in Japan

  • 751

    Following the defeat of the Chinese in the Battle of Samarkand, the Arab victors are revealed the secrets of papermaking. This invention then reaches Andalusia, and from here in Cordoba and Seville, and thus the first paper mills appear in Europe.

  • 1250

    The first Italian paper mills appear at Fabriano.

  • C. XIII

    In France, the first archive documents on paper appeared, such as: "Minutes of the Notary of Marseille" (1248) or "The Registry of inquiries of Alphonse de Poitiers" (1243), but only in the fourteenth century the first paper mills in France were built in France at Troyes (1348) and Essones (1354).

  • 1445

    Gutenberg invents the printing press.

  • 1799

    On January 18, 1799, Louis-Nicolas Robert invented the first continuous paper machine, which allowed the production of a larger amount of paper at lower prices.

  • 1803

    Didot Saint Léger, Bryan Donkin and Fourdrinier brothers put into operation the first English paper machine at Frogmore (Kent)

  • 1825

    The massive development of the papermaking industry begins in Europe and the United States. In 1850 in England there are 300 paper machines and 250 in France. The consumption of paper and cardboard for packaging increases.

  • 1962

    The first paper machine in Romania starts working at Ambro Suceava

  • Today

    Paper manufacturing technologies continue to evolve, contributing to industry development, knowledge transfer and consumer product packaging.

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