Why Choose Rossmann

Our career at Rossmann Romania is built around our values ​​and passion that we share for the solutions addressed to our customers.

From the very first day, you will benefit from a customized integration plan, accompanied by a tutor, which will help you get to know the challenges of your job and understand the company’s goals and how we are organized. Regardless of position, workplace, seniority in the company, we work together to identify the professional and personal development opportunities that best meet your expectations and the company’s needs.

We are connected to the labour market and we participate annually in HR studies so as to maintain our competitiveness and attractiveness as an employer. As an employee you are aware of the existing opportunities within the company, as we encourage and support the internal mobility of our employees in the short, medium and long term.

You will see that we value the health and safety of our employees with annual investments dedicated to improving working conditions.


  • We offer you a safe job in a financially stable company
  • We comply with labour law
  • You find a friendly work environment in which we encourage and valorize the ideas for improvement
  • We help you with a personalized integration plan, accompanied by a guardian
  • We support you for continuous professional training
  • Together we design a personalized career plan
  • We give you an attractive package of benefits
  • We encourage internal mobility of employees
  • You benefit from modern working conditions and tools
  • We protect the health and safety of our employees through our daily actions.

Methods of application:

Online by filling your CV or by sending it directly to your e-mail address: [email protected]

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