If you are curious to find out about Romcarton SA and Ambro SA, now you have the opportunity to read their history. I just reveal to you that they both belong to the Rossmann Group.


  • The Întreprinderea de Carton Ondulat și Ambalaje (Corrugated Cardboard and Packaging Enterprise) Bucharest is set up.
  • The Rossmann Group acquires a cardboard business in Bucharest and becomes the first foreign investor in the cardboard field in Romania. This is how Romcarton SA is set up.
  • Romcarton SA and Rossmann strategically invest and buy Ambro SA Suceava, the most important paper producer in Romania.
  • Romcarton moves into a new home, a place which meets all the requirements of a 21st century factory


  • Establishment of Suceava Cellulose and Paper Plant.

  • Starting the first PM1 paper machine in Romania with a capacity of 60 000 t / year

  • Starting the second and third paper machine PM2 with the capacity of 53 000 t / year and PM3 with 30 000 t / year

  • S.C. AMBRO S.A. is set up by taking over the entire patrimony of the former Suceava Cellulose and Paper Plant.

  • S.C. AMBRO S.A. Suceava is taken over by the Rossmann Group, which bought the majority stake, becoming a private commercial company.

  • The factory modernization process starts.

  • Ambro stops Kraft paper production and reorients to wastepaper-based paper production: Testliner, Wellenstoff and Schrenz.

  • Upgrading the paper factory and the corrugated cardboard factory through a large project funded by EU funds.

S.C. AMBRO S.A. Suceava is the leader in the production of core-lid paper used in the manufacturing of corrugated cardboard. The produced papers are delivered to the companies producing corrugated cardboard in Romania as well as in Europe, within the Rossmann Group and beyond.

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