History of Corrugated Cardboard

Did you know that the appearance of the corrugated cardboard is linked to the age of hair arranged in ample loops and pompous clothes? By the 19th century, American Albert L. Jones was thinking of putting paper instead of cloth in the cervical collars of the time. This idea turned Jones into the father of corrugated cardboard and kicked off an industry with a history of over 100 years!

  • 1817

    English industrialist Malcolm Thornhill invented the corrugated cardboard box (historians say that Thornhill never existed and that he is just a deliberate mystification of the internet);

  • 1856

    Healey and Allen obtain a patent for the first known use of corrugated paper, used as a hat liner;

  • 1871

    Albert L. Jones patented his invention;

  • 1874

    American Oliver Long gets two-layer corrugated cardboard by improving Albert L. Jones's invention (he glued on the corrugated layer of paper a plain paper layer);

  • 1881

    Thompson and Norris company created the first single-facer corrugated cardboard machine and introduced it in Europe (1888 - France at Exideuil);

  • 1888

    The first corrugated cardboard machine is installed and produces at SOFPO, Exideuil

  • C. XIX

    The French claim that they are the inventors of corrugated cardboard boxes. They even have a museum of cardboard boxes in Valreas, south-east of France, which demonstrates this. However, these boxes were very small, hand-made and very unlikely to have been known or copied outside the local area. Other sources say the first corrugated cardboard boxes were produced in 1890 by the Scottish-born American Robert Gair, who invented cardboard cutting and their turning tinto boxes. He used flat pieces made to form the desired box.
    It is certain that the popularity of corrugated cardboard has increased rapidly and has given people the opportunity to wrap on the cardboard core and pack a variety of products.

  • C. XX

    The first corrugated cardboard machines appear, and this product is required in the packaging industry in America and Europe. Over time, the production of corrugated cardboard and packaging develops at an alert pace, expanding the assortment range and improving the quality of this product. Corrugated cardboard packaging takes on new functions, becoming promoters of the goods sale, by means of their increasingly appealing appearance.

  • Today

    Corrugated cardboard boxes are among the most admired packaging materials. They are very easy to handle when transporting goods from one place to another. You can pack any object using boxes of the correct size and shape. This way they are protected and any scratches are avoided. Corrugated cardboard packaging is renewable, clean and extremely versatile. Their use is limited only by our imagination.

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