Do you want to take out a product from anonymity? Change its seemingly banal cardboard packaging through smart words and vivid colours. We explain you the theory and give you the best advice to put it into practice.

The printing process used for corrugated cardboard packaging is called flexographic printing.

It is a rotating printing process in which the transfer of water based ink on the printed media is performed by means of a clinker. The clinker is made of a flexible material (photopolymer plates) by means of chemical processes. That’s why it’s very longevous and can print up to 1 million copies.

In the process, the elements of the print group are very important: the anilox roller, the rubber roll and the squeegee, which are designed to control the ink film thus increasing the final print quality.

The flexographic printing is recommended for large series of production and is preferred to other printing technologies due to low cost and low runtime. While in the past, flexographic printing was characterized by simplicity in the past, due to technological advances in ink preparation, in clinker production, and also due to printing machines, the print quality has increased considerably to reach even 120 LPI resolutions.


Because we want to meet all the requirements and exigencies of our customers, we have concluded a partnership for the production of offset printing pressed boxes.

The offset printing process involves the transfer of liquid ink from the printing plate to an intermediate surface and then to the final support (paper, cardboard). This technique is based on the capacity of printing inks not to mix with water.

The advantages of offset printing consist in the high quality of the printed images (fine details), the low cost per copy for medium and large prints, the possibility of using special colours (spot, pantone, metallic) and different print media.

Choosing the printing method should consider the print run, the run time, the price, and the need for special colours.

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