Paper Manufacturing Technology


Have you ever wondered which are the procedures necessary for producing the boxes you see on the shelves?

A sheet of paper or cardboard is made from cellulose fibres. These fibres are mainly extracted from recycled wood or paper and board.

  • Wood comes mainly from forests, from forestry cracks, as well as from timber, carpentry, furniture and construction.
  • Recycled paper and cardboard (paper and cardboard waste) have various origins: the industry (from paper or cardboard processing processes, industrial and commercial packaging, unpublished newspapers, office products, etc.) and household (old newspapers, household packaging, etc.).
  • Auxiliary materials (fillers, additives …) can be added during paper making to help improve paper characteristics.


The manufacture of the paste involves separating cellulosic wood fibres through different processes or recycling waste paper and cardboard.

  • Wood pastes are obtained by mechanical and thermal treatments (mechanical or thermo-mechanical paste), or by chemical treatment (chemical paste).
  • The recycled paste is obtained by defoaming in water of paper and cardboard waste, prepared in a “hydrapulper”. This process is usually completed by sorting and scrubbing operations of the obtained paste and / or of stripping.


Before becoming a roll of paper, the paper paste goes a long way through the paper machine:

  • The formation sieve area: The paste is jetted on the formation sieves. The sieves have a movement that facilitates the formation of the paper tape and dehydration.
  • Press area: here the paper tape taken over by an absorbent body is compressed between two cylinders.
  • Drying zone: The tape is dried on some steam-heated cylinders.
  • Surface treatment: the surface of the sheet is covered with materials (pigments, dyes, etc.) that improve its properties.
  • Calender: here the paper surface is flattened by compressing between steel rollers
  • Surface treatment with mineral pigments (make-up): The paper tape can be coated on one or both sides with a mineral pigment (kaolin) layer to improve paper printability.
  • Bobbing: The paper tape is wrapped in coils. From the coils the paper can then be cut into sheets or small coils can be cut.

The paper is ready for delivery.

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