Types of Corrugated Cardboard

What type of cardboard do you need for the plan you are preparing to put into practice? There are several options you can choose from; We provide them to you. And if you decide to visit us to make a decision, we can help without frowning when we present you the available options.

By the type of cardboard that takes into account the number of layers from which it is formed:

  • Type II
  • Type III
  • Tip V
  • Type VII

By the corrugation size

  • Micro-corrugation: F, G, N
  • Fine corrugation: E (1.5 mm)
  • Medium corrugation: B (3 mm)
  • Large corrugations: C (4 mm), A (5 mm), K

By weight (grammage):

  • Type II (315-395)
  • Type III (340-700)
  • Tip V (680 – 1350)
  • Type VII (1350-1600)

The above values ​​are indicative, with the possibility of large deviations depending on the mass of the component papers. Regardless of the type of cardboard, there are tendencies of mass reduction and it is known that corrugated cardboard with a mass below 300 g / m2 is currently produced.

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