Here is another range of products for which we offer packaging solutions: industrial products.
Printed at the customer’s request, sustainable and environmentally friendly, our boxes are in line with industry standards and have a high degree of protection. Do not take what we say for granted, test yourself on the following types of products:

  • Appliances – efficient, fast and cheap packaging for storing and transporting the latest products on the market
  • Electrical equipment and accessories – durable packaging according to the distribution requirements
  • Chemicals – safe, easy-to-handle packaging and with warning labels to help brilliant scientists everywhere
  • Detergents, soaps, perfumes, cosmetics – attractive and functional packaging on the shelf and at home
  • Glass, ceramics and other non-mineral products – packs endowed with a high degree of protection, so the vase that the grandmother wishes for her birthday to arrive intact at the destination.
  • Sports articles and accessories, toys – packaging offers visibility to the product without the need for opening.


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