The EFdeN House is more than a home: it represents education, research, interaction, awareness.

We are proud to be among the EfdeN partner companies that have made this project possible, giving credit to future professionals and their research work, supporting Romanian performance and excellence at the most important international competition of its kind, making possible the most ambitious solar housing project ever developed in Romania.

The EFdeN team is made up of over 30 young passionate students in architecture, engineering, communication or management who work in an interdisciplinary manner and believe in an education that allows them to change towards a more responsible life towards the society and the environment.

In 2014 they represented Romania in the final of the Solar Decathlon Europe competition in France, along with 19 teams from 16 countries and 4 continents. They competed in 10 interdisciplinary tests, from architecture to engineering, innovation and communication, they designed and built an extraordinary, sunny, safe and comfortable, energy efficient, 100% electric housing with no monthly invoices, an automated and very environment friendly housing. The house of the future for each of us!

After much work and dedication, the home became the First Center for Research of Conditions of Comfort in Romania and can be visited on Thursday and Sunday on 66 Pache Protopopescu Blvd..

Romcarton participated in the Sustainability Day organized within EfdeN week, a day when we discussed solutions to the problems that each organization encountered so that there was “Always Everything for Everybody”! Sustainability debates have been very exciting and instructive and have led to setting targets for the coming year.

We made from corrugated cardboard a sustainable model of the EfdeN house which is presented at each fair and different cardboard items. If you want to visit the house and discover the cardboard items go to 66 Pache Protopopescu Bd., Thursday between 18.00 – 20.00 and Sunday between 12.00 and 16.00.

Below, in the image gallery, you can discover the stand presented during the visit of US Ambassador Hans Klem. This stand will also be used for future events.

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