May 17th 2018 Grand Opening!

On May 17th 2018, Romcarton, part of Rossmann Group in France, has inaugurated their new box plant in Popești-Leordeni.

The 34-million-euro investment comprises a 35 500 sqm construction on a 100 000 sqm field, equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

At this important event have attended Mr. Fabrice Rossmann, President of the Board of Rossmann Romania, Mrs. Michele Ramis, French Ambassador in Romania, local authorities and companies’ partners that came in great number to celebrate the finalizing of the most modern corrugated cardboard packaging plant in South East of Europe.

New factory’s project was done to allow further development. The concept and construction itself have a solid foundation by optimizing logistic and production processes and design the building around them.

„We want to offer more both to customers and employees. And, of course, to be in harmony with the environment. Respect to our customers, to honoring our word, to the work well done. These things ensured our success for more than 100 years and allowed us to get here today, after 28 years of presence in Romania. We strongly believe that our core values will keep taking us forward in the future.” said Mr. Paul-Henri Kohler, Romcarton’s General Manager.

Rossmann is the first producer of corrugated board packaging in Romania, with a 30 years’ experience in this industry and customers from all industries.

Rossmann Romania has two plants: Romcarton, in Popesti Leordeni, and AMBRO, in Suceava, which is producing paper for corrugated board, and packaging.

Rossmann operates 25 plants worldwide: 22 in Europe and 3 in Africa, with an output of 500.000 tons of corrugated cardboard and 300.000 tons of paper.



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