We know how important food safety is for you. That is exactly why we ensure that our packaging is endowed with a high degree of protection that meets all the requirements of food hygiene, that it is sufficiently attractive and functional to your customers and that the price remains advantageous:

  • RTS display – for a strong brand image and merchandising;


  • Wrap-around – for automatic packaging lines; with the advantage of simplicity and easy opening;
  • Pallet boxes – for bulky products (such as melons);
  • Trays – for added versatility, but especially for packing bottles and dosages (easy to stack);
  • Transport boxes – so that the products reach at the destination in maximum safety, whether it is the shelf of a warehouse or shop;
  • Beverage Presentation Boxes – for those who want an exceptional quality of graphics and printing;
  • Bag-in-box – for more storage space and less shipping cost.
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